“I’m very satisfied with everything related to PTPs strategy. Angie’s work has been an important change in our entire process, modernizing and simplifying everything related to strategy, goals, and indicators. It was extremely happy to work with her and I am incredibly grateful for her dedication, and, above all, the enthusiasm she put into this consultancy. The truth is, even though we had high expectations, her proposal, which started with personalized interviews with our executive team, and her methodology, took us by the hand so that all of us established goals and indicators, exceeding expectations.

I am happy to have selected Angie, her knowledge, and her methodology. She offered the entire team her knowledge and made us look at our own performance, challenges, and expectations as a starting point. The whole process put clients in the right place while taking care of the entire chain. I want to add that an important element of this success was her personality. She managed to transfer her knowledge in a unique way, allowing everyone, at every level, to feel as part of the process and not just listeners of executive decisions. That was for me the highest achievement of this consulting project. I hope we work together again. It was a pleasure to do so.”

Eduardo Hevia, General Manager, Petroterminal de Panamá





“We contracted Angie Hanily’s services to help us in our strategic planning process for the next three years. Angie performed an excellent investigation about our industry in several countries and provided valuable insights that allowed us to have profound content discussions. She directed a workshop with the Board of Directors and company executives in an exemplary way, controlling time and developed group dynamics that derived in a very complete and concrete plan, which we’ll have to execute in a defined times.”

Giovanna Cardellicchio, CEO, Grupo APC, S.A.





“We decided to work with Angie because of her talent and professionalism. Her work with Trusted Advisors Group helped us propel the changes we require with order, discipline, and business protocol. It was an important contract for us, in which we strengthened our company and that allowed us to execute and drive the organizational changes with a defined process and a consistent methodology. Few consultants manage to execute dynamically and continuously until achieving the established objectives, I think that is Angie’s differentiating factor.”

Charlie Morris, CEO, Trusted Advisors Group