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When we’re in a changing environment and know the road is not clear, the leader has to define the direction and strategy. But there are many variables and the day to day makes it dificult to establish the route. Leaders may think they have to know everything, but sometimes, it’s better to seek outside help to find solutions.

Consultants can be of great help because they specialize on things the leaders don’t do every day, and their knowledge, experience, and the fact they’re not inmerse in the company’s everyday allows them to have an objective view and find new opportinities. But contracting consultants may have some risks, and the desired results may not be achieved. This can happen for many reasons, including lack of alignment on both parts, follow up and resources, among other things.

We’ve been on the leader’s and the client’s side. Our objetive is to help our clients implement changes successfully. Whether they are changes in strategy, organizational structure, cost optimization or performance management. The success of the project is our only priority.

Interesting resources:

Michael Porter, Barry Nalebuff, David Collis, Collins and Porras, Sharon Oster, Bradley, Hirt & Smit