Successfully Implementing Strategy

After undergoing a responsible strategy formulation exercise, one that requires analysis and makes people think and get out of their comfort zone, one that establish an inspiring purpose and an ambitious goal, comes the difficult task of implementing. To successfully implement strategy, you need at least these three things: translation, communication and methodology. Translate yourContinue reading “Successfully Implementing Strategy”

How to Reduce Costs and Not Die Trying

Many organizations, globally, are going through a rough period due to covid. It directly affected revenues for thousands of companies. This implies additional pressure on managers to generate results and cost savings. Here is a list of 8 possible cost containment measures. Digitalization.  Technology’s potential to reduce costs is incredible. RPAs, chatbots, inventory robots, scanners,Continue reading “How to Reduce Costs and Not Die Trying”

How a Consultant Can Boost Your Business

By Amy Collett Even the most organized businesses can benefit from an outside perspective on occasion. Consultants in specialized areas can help your business operate more efficiently, better manage time and money, and even improve things like customer service and employee retention. What kind of consultant do you need? Some businesses only hire a consultantContinue reading “How a Consultant Can Boost Your Business”