Strategic Positiong

Many think, erroneously, that strategy means having a vision, mission and values or strategic statements. And, although strategy can, and should, include statements that clarify the north and purpose of an organization, I very frequently see “strategies” based on nice sounding phrases that clarify very little and tend to sound like what other companies publishContinue reading “Strategic Positiong”

How to Identify Growth Opportunities

Depending on the industry and the leadership of your company within that industry, the company may be going through accelerated growth, slow growth, or reduction. During the last year in Panama, we have seen how delivery and web entertainment companies have had exponential growth, while restaurants and movie theaters went into crisis. The Covid pandemicContinue reading “How to Identify Growth Opportunities”

Barriers to Growth

Many companies have been affected by the current economic crisis. For some, this was the end. For the rest, it’s possibly a good time to observe revenue behavior and think about recovery or growth. Aside from external factors, such as the economic crisis and covid, there are many internal factors that can impact the growthContinue reading “Barriers to Growth”

Marketing & Strategy

In times such as these, when things have changed drastically, some businesspeople may feel the urgency to do a creative and innovative marketing campaign to attract new clients. Others will see the need to review their whole strategy to prevail and adapt to new challenges in their competitive environment. New advertising with a twist onContinue reading “Marketing & Strategy”

Better Leaders, Better Results

I have seen different groups in different organizations and I always find different levels of productivity. At one end, there are remarkably high productivity teams that have managed to implement best practices, processes and systems, where objectives are clear, people are motivated and great results are achieved. At the other end, there are teams withContinue reading “Better Leaders, Better Results”

5 Keys to a Successful Reorg

The Covid crisis is still a huge weight on the economy. Many companies have been forced to restructure because of this crisis, simplifying their structure and reducing personnel. Several others have tried to stay afloat to avoid leaving the team hanging. But with a prolongated duration of the pandemic, it is very possible they willContinue reading “5 Keys to a Successful Reorg”

Personal Strategy 2021

The year 2020 began badly, there were forest fires in Australia that ended up causing the death of approximately 500 million animals, COVID-19 was already lurking, and by March it was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization and had reached more than 1.5 million deaths.  Several celebrities died including Kobee Bryant, Eddie VanContinue reading “Personal Strategy 2021”

How to Have Successfull Strategy Sessions

The time of the year when we must hold workshops with our executive team and our directors, to review and establish the direction our company will take, has arrived.  Scheduling it is a challenge, everyone must set aside one or two days out of their busy schedules.  Some are less enthusiastic than others to haveContinue reading “How to Have Successfull Strategy Sessions”

5 Signs that it’s Time to Rethink the Strategy

A few days ago, a friend was telling me that he was interested in doing strategic planning, but he really didn’t know if it was the right time.  This is an understandable doubt, the world in in crisis due to COVID-19 and there is no certainty of when the virus will be under control. ThisContinue reading “5 Signs that it’s Time to Rethink the Strategy”